Prewriting Week 1: In Defense of Fanfiction

The main problem with writing is that it takes gobs more time to produce, than it does to consume.  As such even the fun parts of writing can easily become a chore as “you’re not getting anywhere.”  Coming up with an original idea, worldbuilding and outlining to the point you’re actually ready to write is a LOT of work to foist on anyone, not just someone brand new to the whole business.

Therefore it might be a good idea to practice with stock elements, and work your way forward from there.  That’s what “fanfiction” is.

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Scene and Sequel Part 2: The Sequel

Last time we talked about scenes.  Today we’re going to talk about what happens next.  The technical term for this follow-up is called the “Sequel.”  In many ways the sequel is more important than the scene.  Because you can have all the action sequences you want, but unless your audience cares about the characters, it’s just flash and noise.

The sequel is where you make them care.

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Scene and Sequel: the Building Blocks of a Novel. Part 1.

A scene is a moment of forward action.  A character takes an action, and it succeeds or fails.  A sequel is a moment of meditation.  A character is reeling from the aftermath of an action, and now has to take a moment, think about what happened, and decide what to do next.

Scenes naturally lead to sequels, and sequels naturally lead to new scenes.  Together they can build a novel, just by themselves.

So, let’s talk about them a minute.  In this post we will discuss scenes.  In the next, we’ll handle sequels.

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