Writer’s Block.

You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it, and, most likely, you’ve experienced it.  That horrible dull ache of staring at a blank page or screen and knowing in your heart of hearts what ought to be there, and yet for some reason your brain refuses to generate it.

So you give up.  You go play video games, or pay bills or go to work or any number of other things of varying importance, and your poor novel remains unwritten.

This ends now.

It’s not going to be easy, there is no blade sharp enough to cut through this problem in one swing.  But what we do have is several smaller tools.  Little things to chip away at the problem bit by bit until it ceases to be a problem.

So join us if you dare.  We’re going to slay that monster plaguing your dreams, and we’ll have something great by the end.

About the Author: Ben Hill has almost written a video game script, a five book novel series, several one-shot novels, and one deliberately crappy teen romance novel.  Unfortunately his “actually written” list is much less prestigious: a short story for a college publication, several world-building snippets for contests (that he won most of), two pieces of half finished fanfic and enough play-by-post RPG snippets to fill several books.  Given the above, why listen to him?

Because he went looking for the answers to why he couldn’t get anything close to a novel done.  He’s read books and books on the subject, author’s blogs, attended conferences.  He’s checked high and checked low for answers and tricks and any-bloody-thing that works to get past the horror of writers block, and now he’s going to share them with you.