News 7/5/17: Updates and Apologies

As is natural, not a week into June and all my plans go kaput.  I think I’m finally recovered enough to try and pick up the pieces.  But as expected, nothing ever works out nicely.

Short version: the “NaNoWriMo in July” project is getting pushed back ten days.

Long version below:

So I had the good fortune to counsel and lecture at a small writing conference.  Which, while rewarding and fruitful, lost me a week to its demands.  Afterward I got home to discover I had contacted some form of “Convention Crud” that grew from a “oh this is just a cold–I’ll tough it out,” to “WHY AM I COUGHING SO MUCH?”  Finally broke down and went to the doctor on Sunday, who declared that I had full bore Bronchitis, and needed the evil meds.  So now, three days removed from that, I look up at the calendar and discover that June is not nearly as long as I thought it was.

So, where does this leave the Writing Projects?

Well the actual writing portion can easily be pushed back.  If I change the end date to August 10th, I can push back the start date to July 9th, and still have a full 30 days to work.

This does mean I’ll need to finish the prewriting articles in very quick succession, but it’s only fair that some cramming happens–besides if I don’t finish this up quickly, I’ll be bumping back into the start of school.  Which is what this project was hoping to avoid.

So yeah, stuff gets pushed back a few days.  You guys get several articles very quickly.  And I get off my sick ass and start writing again.  Everyone wins!


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