A Spoonful of Sugar. Or, how to not implode due to the sheer difficulty of writing a novel.

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  You find the fun, make it bigger and *snap!*  The job’s a game!

~Mary Poppins

Writing is a job.  That’s a stance we take around here.  Most people write for fun, and then stop when it’s not fun anymore.  However, if you think of writing as a job, you may get more done at the end of the day, but you won’t enjoy it as much.  The trick therefore, is to put fun things into your writing, and make it fun…even when it’s not.

Consider J.R.R. Tolkien.  The man wrote one of the greatest fantasy epics ever.  Somewhere around a thousand pages worth of words.  How did he do it?

Well, first off he didn’t really sit down intending to write the greatest fantasy epic ever, he sat down to write about the things he loved.  He loved Germanic myth, so in that went.  He loved languages so much he made his career out of them, so you can bet those went in.  And he had made up a story for his children about a little creature called a hobbit who found a magic ring–it might be nice to find out what happened to him.

And eventually he had a thousand pages worth of words, mostly about things he loved.  Which became three books that millions of people love now as well.

So, what things do you love?  What makes you laugh?  What do you know more about than anyone else you know?  What sort of TV shows do you watch any chance you get?  What kinds of books do you read?  What pet peeves annoy you so much you have to sit down and write a reply to them?  What do you think is hawt?  What reduces you to snarling rage?  What makes you cry?

Figure out what those things are for you.  Write about them.

Me?  I like monsters–creatures great and small that don’t exist currently.  I like to make them up and stick them places.  I like word play–jokes and puns and yes even poetry.  I prefer my heroes smart and my villains smarter.  I love cheesy over-the-top characters…especially a good “Skelator” style villain.  I like female characters to be there for purposes other than fanservice–unfortunately I also like fanservice so that’s a bit of a tightrope.  I am an unrepentant shipper and a sucker for a good romance.  And of course, I will probably read fantasy novels until the day I die…and hopefully write more than a few of my own.

Until next time, Keep Writing.



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